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Neil Taylor

A little bit about me


My background has been in the world of “Photographic” and since leaving school, this what I have had an interest in. Started out at a laboratory called Cheshire Colour Labs, then moved on to Foto Processing, and in the end went into a partnership, to start up a successful business called BT Photographic.
 In 2006 for a number of reasons, a time for change had come about, and some big changes too place. My partnership at BT Photographic was dissolved, but doing this, left BT Photographic, still as a very worthwhile going concern.

In around 2004, I set up a self help group web site, for lab owners that were / are involved in the Mini Lab trade, this web site has grown and grown, to become, what is regarded by many as being the world’s leading site, for this niche market Mini Lab Help has really taken off

My concentration was to now go into a web hosting, design and solution company that I had set up, called A Nice Place, A Nice Place

An involvement in a number of voluntary schemes also takes up much of my time.


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