The Timperley Wedge, a green belt area between Manchester / airport and Trafford.
This green belt area is now under serious threat, and we must protect the lungs that nature has created.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework
The second draft of the plan is currently being developed, with a view to publish it in June 2018. Following publication of the draft plan, there will be a 12-week consultation with the public.
The statement that “3,300 residential units in a mix of housing types and tenures. Whilst the majority will be higher value, low density properties” is alarming

Trafford Conservatives have got this well and truly on their radar, and Trafford Labour have also singled out the Timperley Wedge for prime development.
The Trafford Lib Dems claim that they want to protect the green belt, but they want to build an additional 40 car parking spaces on Lark Hill a green space in the heart of Timperley.

Trafford is unable to maintain the existing infrastructure it has in place, with the roads collapsing, a mass of pot holes damaging vehicles. Plus oversubscribed schools and a local authority that is unable to cope as it is.