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Neil Taylor

A little bit about me

I was asked to go on the BBC to talk about my YouTube Chanel that, as I write this is close to 2,000 subscibers and not far away from 2 million views.

And below are some Vlogs, and also breaks and other things we have been upto in recent times.



Below is my own rendition of a song by Baby Bird calle "The Old Car"

More videos below.

At the end of May we had robbins bulid a nest in our shed and here are some videos of the baby robbins before they fledged.


I was invited to take a ride out with the police and this was a real eye opener.

Am a huge fan of Baby Bird and after many years they played live again. The audio on this is rather rubbish, but you get the idea.

We did the Ashley Steam fair once again, and this is just a few miles from where we live. 

And a hello to a OMD Tribute band.

Found an old video from my grans 75th and here it is.

Back on the election trail.

Easter and back out camping again.

We now have a caravan and I did a vlog on it Adria Altea 432 PX


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