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Neil Taylor

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Up by Hadrians Wall and have a clear sky so took a walk out. 25th March 2020 and as I am so close by, I took a walk out in the darkness to see the stars under a dark sky. Stunning and a great shame I could not capture things on my phone. The joys of exploring where you are as you become a camp / caravan site warden,

25th March and what a perfect spring day, clear blue skies and nice and warm. Today I have started work to get my warden pitch ready. Had to remove a old fence and chicken wire. The chicken wire was tricky to get out, but got there in the end. Great brunch and a little walk around my possible home for the next 6 months.

Things move fast today 24th March 2020 the UK is on virtual lock down. I am still on site and will soon be doing some ground works. Had a good walk around the site today with the owner and getting a list of things to do.

23rd March 2020 and I am now on site. Due to the Corona Virus just about all camping / caravan sites have now shut. The site that I am on have got ground works that I can do, so I maybe here for a couple of months. So today I am pretty much all set up and thought I would show you my set up.

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