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And once again, for a bit of fun, here is a Christmas 2016 message, as I say just a bit of fun.

I have been helping a local homelss person called Anthony, and, well its a very long story, ask if you want to know more. Here is Anthony saying a "Thank You"

 First week in December and we did the Electric Dreams weekened at Butlins,Bongnor Regis a three night stay, and a really manic weekend with some top live bands, that included OMD.

On Novmebr the 5th we had another bonfore party in the back garden with fireworks always love bonfire night. 

As Autumn came I did a Vlog on some log buner products that I was sent to do a veview.

In October I took a friend and neighbour who has a disablity away for a week, and we stayed at The Bond Hotel, Blackpool. A intresting week!

2016 and I was chair for the local Timperley Country Fair, and this year was another success. 
September 10th 2016

Going through some old files, I found a powerpoint from 2003, this was when I was a partner at BT Photographic which are still going today (often asked what BT Photographic stands for , well its Barlow ,Taylor Photographic)

Anyway I was asked to be a keynote speaker at the PMA International (Photographic Marketing Association) Conference, this was just as Digital photography was taking off, and we had just invested £150k (back in 2003) in new digital equipment.  

Sorry that this web page is hand written,it is what we did back then, but got things just about right, way back then..

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