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A little bit about me


I was asked to go on the BBC to talk about my YouTube Chanel that, as I write this is close to 2,000 subscibers and not far away from 2 million views.

And below are some Vlogs, and also breaks and other things we have been upto in recent times.



Below is my own rendition of a song by Baby Bird calle "The Old Car"

More videos below.

At the end of May we had robbins bulid a nest in our shed and here are some videos of the baby robbins before they fledged.


I was invited to take a ride out with the police and this was a real eye opener.

Am a huge fan of Baby Bird and after many years they played live again. The audio on this is rather rubbish, but you get the idea.

We did the Ashley Steam fair once again, and this is just a few miles from where we live. 

And a hello to a OMD Tribute band.

Found an old video from my grans 75th and here it is.

Back on the election trail.

Easter and back out camping again.

We now have a caravan and I did a vlog on it Adria Altea 432 PX


Some have asked me about how Anthony is doing during this cold spell and the sub zero temperatures.
So I caught up with him, and here are a few words to let everyone know he is safe and warm

The Timperley Wedge, a green belt area between Manchester / airport and Trafford.
This green belt area is now under serious threat, and we must protect the lungs that nature has created.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework
The second draft of the plan is currently being developed, with a view to publish it in June 2018. Following publication of the draft plan, there will be a 12-week consultation with the public.
The statement that “3,300 residential units in a mix of housing types and tenures. Whilst the majority will be higher value, low density properties” is alarming

Trafford Conservatives have got this well and truly on their radar, and Trafford Labour have also singled out the Timperley Wedge for prime development.
The Trafford Lib Dems claim that they want to protect the green belt, but they want to build an additional 40 car parking spaces on Lark Hill a green space in the heart of Timperley.

Trafford is unable to maintain the existing infrastructure it has in place, with the roads collapsing, a mass of pot holes damaging vehicles. Plus oversubscribed schools and a local authority that is unable to cope as it is.

Back in December 2016 I wrote THIS Good Bye to the local Lib Dems. Well since then I did what I said I was going to to do, and joined The Liberal Party. 
All of a sudden the June 2017 snap general election was called, and to cust a long story short, I am now a parlimentary candidate for The Liberal Party. This is also going to add asa spring board for the 2018 local elections where I am looking forward to standing and campaigning back in my old Timperley Ward.

So to find out a bit more about the Trafford Liberal Party use THIS LINK to visit and find out more. 

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