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Neil Taylor

A little bit about me


For decades I have been visiting Shell Island, it has its own charm/magic a real wild camping place. Alas in recent years, it has become a mess, and a real mess at that. Price hikes, for a very basic facilities, and actracting large groups that have little/no respect for the fragile state of the Shell Island.

We always camp in the dune area/s but the amount of rubbish, broken glass and much more means that come 2013 we will not visit the island again. The whole place needs a year off to recover, and a very deep clean needs to be done.

But as said it is a magical place, and am really going to miss not visiting in 2013

For some 50 years I have been doing Bonfire nights, in the last maybe 30 or so doing our own, all have gone smooth, with no injuries or harm, and 2012 was no different

Since 2010 I have been helping to get a statue of "Frank Sidebottom" erected in Timperley, its been at times a challenging project, but hope to get a result in 2013.

A great fund raiser was held on the 15 December 2012 at the Night and Day Cafe, and great to have been part of it.

Some kind, and special words from Mike Joyce from the "Smiths"

It has been a long time since any updates have been done here, and will be getting some updates done very soon 

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