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Up by Hadrians Wall and have a clear sky so took a walk out. 25th March 2020 and as I am so close by, I took a walk out in the darkness to see the stars under a dark sky. Stunning and a great shame I could not capture things on my phone. The joys of exploring where you are as you become a camp / caravan site warden,

25th March and what a perfect spring day, clear blue skies and nice and warm. Today I have started work to get my warden pitch ready. Had to remove a old fence and chicken wire. The chicken wire was tricky to get out, but got there in the end. Great brunch and a little walk around my possible home for the next 6 months.

Things move fast today 24th March 2020 the UK is on virtual lock down. I am still on site and will soon be doing some ground works. Had a good walk around the site today with the owner and getting a list of things to do.

23rd March 2020 and I am now on site. Due to the Corona Virus just about all camping / caravan sites have now shut. The site that I am on have got ground works that I can do, so I maybe here for a couple of months. So today I am pretty much all set up and thought I would show you my set up.

The corona virus has put the campsite / caravan site industry in chaos with many site delaying opening. The site where I am going to work at have still asked me to go up, so I have been getting things ready . Instead of bags and cases I have used some crates this can be stored in my awning when set up, or placed under the caravan if needed. The UK could go on lock down, and we are in very uncertain times at the moment. I am keeping positive and upbeat that things will work out.

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