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Radio Interviews

Here you will find a selection of radio interviews that I have manage to save, there has been plenty more but not able to save everything.  

This was aired on the 24th March 2017 as part of the BBC Radio Manchester Over to You week.I do a interview with Art With a Heart a Altrincham Based charity.



Speaking out on the 21st August 2016 against a prosed Jewish Eruv , this was on BBC Radio 4 Sunday Show.


Talking about the Altrincham Festival and Franks Army 28.06.2011

This was a live interview done out side the Larkhill Centre, in Timperley with Matt White from BBC Radio Manchester.

Talking about Franks Army, and the Altrincham Festival.


The Role of being a Volunteer GMR 3.7.08


This was done in the BBC Radio Manchester Studio, and you will catch me talking about the Altrincham Festival, but more important the role of being a Volunteer.
Doing voluntary work is nothing new, and long may it continue.

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