PMA Conference 15 - 16 October 2003

I have been asked by some people to have the facility to view the presentation that I did on the 15th October. The title of the presentation was "Increasing Digital Print Revenue"
For my self, this was the very, very first time that I have ever under taken such a task, and to be very honest I was very, very nervous. But, I hope that those that did attend, they enjoyed what I did, but more important I hope that maybe just a little on what I spoke about may have given some ideas for others to use. In this day, where the word "digital" is everywhere, we do at times need to try and define on what this means to all of us. Each person in the trade is undergoing a brand new learning curve, and one way to help us all succeed is to share ideas, that is both good ideas, and even diverse ideas.

Right, enough of me going on. The movie below is in "Flash" and you will have to have "Flash" installed to be able to view the movie. It is large in size at not far short of 2 megs.

You may or may not be aware of a self help mini lab group that is now set up? but why not visit and join in the forums.

If you click on each of the images below you will be taken to each of the slides that I used. Sadly, I do not have the actual script for the words that I used, as I ended up doing it of the "cuff" but the images will help demonstrate just a few of the points that I was trying to make.
If you have any comments then please do mail me